Inspirational Struggles

Have you ever felt that sudden burst of inspiration on a seemingly mediocre day? It makes you feels so invincible, like you’re in every way capable of learning new things. I just had that feeling yesterday and it made me realise that I’ve given up a lot of things that I started because I lost the inspiration or motivation to continue. (Well, sometimes I just got lazy to continue on.) 

Here’s an example: A few years ago, I pestered my grandfather to get me a guitar so I could teach myself how to play one as a way to keep myself occupied in the province. I started off determined and excited, mainly because I thought I’d get the hang of it in a flash. I mean, I did teach myself how to play the piano, how hard could learning how to play the guitar be? 

Answer: Very hard. 

I struggled quite a fair bit and was getting more and more frustrated by the hour. I sounded like fingernails across a blackboard and my fingers were constantly cramped and bleeding. I ultimately gave up after a few days of struggling, especially when I saw younger kids play the guitar effortlessly. Simply put, I gave up because I felt that I would never reach their level of ‘expertise’. 

Now, here I am, years later, with an old dusty guitar on my lap. Stringless, pegless and full of rust. I really want to pick up learning the guitar again, but am still slightly put off at the thought that I might stop if I lose motivation again. But, I guess as long as I’m doing something I enjoy and genuinely like, there shouldn’t be any reason why I should give up, right? Same goes to you guys. Never give up on yourselves, even if it takes you years to get back up on your feet and pick up that dusty ol’ guitar. 


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