Work Struggles 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m quite the naïve individual. I thought that looking for a job (and actually having one) would be a piece of cake. Heck, as soon as the holidays begun last November 2016, all of my friends seemingly got jobs overnight. Meanwhile, it’s been about 3 months since the holidays began and I’m still jobless. It wasn’t like I wasn’t looking everywhere for jobs, it was more of people not wanting to hire me. A few reasons include:

  • I was not a particular race.
  • I was unable to speak a particular language fluently enough to hold conversations.
  • I was not a citizen in the country.
  • I was a tad bit too young for some of the companies who were hiring.
  • I was a student.
  • They preferred to hire someone who wasn’t a Filipino.

And that is just a sneak peak of all sorts of reasons why people wouldn’t hire me.

However, last week, I got a call from a friend saying there was an opening where he was currently working at. To say I was happy was quite the understatement. I got the job and could start on Monday. One mistake I made was neglecting to ask what exactly my job was, but I guess my mind was too clouded with the thrill of landing my first job. Monday eventually came and I was up at 4:30am to get ready for work. I really wish I could say that I enjoyed work, especially when I found out that I’d be working as a hostess for a very reputable five-star restaurant. 

The day started off with a change in uniform, resulting in me wearing high heels for 7 hours. The weather was extremely horrible with a thunderstorm and I was unfortunately stationed outside the restaurant, where I showered in dreadful rain water. Instead of learning how to do my job as a hostess, I got pushed around doing other work. Not only that, my manager constantly scolded and embarrassed me over the littlest things despite being fully aware that I was new and unsure of what I had to do. In all honesty, I really wanted to cry because I felt so embarrassed and belittled from all the shouting in front of all my other co-workers. Sure, I accept that fact that it was partially my fault for not checking what I signed up for, but it doesn’t give my superiors the liberty to treat new employees like a bunch of maids. If he wanted everything to be perfect so as to avoid ruining the restaurant’s reputation, he should’ve thought of giving new staff some basic training instead of tossing them straight onto the bloody battlefield. 

At first, I told myself to endure the high demands of my job until the 15th of February (which is when I was supposed to get my pay). However, as time ticked by, I eventually came to the decision of quitting, despite only working for a day. I don’t have any regrets because I knew no matter how high the pay, it wasn’t worth sacrificing what little pride I had left for myself. I proceeded to message my supervisor and informed her on my decision to quit, but she begged me to give her another chance, saying that I was pushed around doing other chores because ‘it was a rainy day’. I’ll admit that that slighty infuriated me as it seemed to imply thay just because of unfavourable weather conditions, I, as a new employee, had to put up with the manager’s harsh words and snark remarks. This ulitmately led to an inner battle of morals, as I did not want to leave her hanging understaffed but I wanted to be selfish and leave. Of course, I chose the latter.

Not everything is all sunshine and rainbows. I guess this is just another wake-up call, for me to realise that I need to be more responsible in making decisions for myself. Now, I’m taking it into my own hands to once again seek for jobs. I have an interview later in the afternoon and I’m hoping things will go smoother this time round. Things may seem terrible at the moment, but I believe that better opportunities are coming. Don’t force yourself to do something that demoralises you. There is no shame in quitting as long as you use that as a learning point to get back up and continue on from your mistakes. 


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