Educational Success

As most of you probably know, the past 1.5 months or so has been exceptionally rough. From getting two failing grades in my GCE O’level examinations, getting my EAE Application revoked, to getting rejected by all of my 12 choice courses in the JAE Application. It was one demoralising event after another. The worst part of it all was the wait in between each soul-crushing news; it gave enough way for hope to start building up, which was crushed over and over again. Admittedly, I felt that I was at my lowest point, that I’ve been left with no hope, in pitch darkness with no light to guide me out. I had no one to blame but myself, yet I couldn’t bring myself to face the severe consequences laid out in front of me.

I had a chance to appeal in the JAE Appeal, and needless to say I took that chance. However, I could only appeal to 8 courses from 2 different Polytechnics, and I knew nothing about any of those 8 courses. I went ahead and appealed, but to say I was confident about a successful appeal would be a lie. By then, I had mostly given up on myself to be successful in anything and doubted that I’d get a successful appeal. 

Low and behold! My appeal was approved! I was shaking with happiness because I was finally given a chance to redeem myself, and to prove to others that it’s gonna take more than failing grades and multiple rejections to take me down. I felt myself swell with joy, and the liveliest in weeks! It was honestly a feeling that cannot be described with merely words. I shed a few tears of joy (mainly because I was at work), and once again felt ready to take on the world. 

I am now a student of Republic Polytechnic, studying for a Diploma in Media Production & Design in the School of Technology for the Arts. I do have plans to switch courses for a Diploma in Mass Communication after Year 1, but if I end up enjoying this current course, I’ll stick with it for the full 3 years and maybe even go as far as to pursue a professional career similar to this. 

This is a new beginning, and I hope I’ll be able to make full use of this opportunity to continue my education. When you think it’s the end, it never really is. Life may throw bad event after bad event at you, but I promise you that things will always get better. It’s okay to feel sad and demoralised for a period of time, that’s absolutely normal, but always remember that there is always light in that pit of darkness. To more happy events in 2017 and beyond! 


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